Dreams Are A Reality
Tammi C. Walker

Tammi C. Walker, MSW

Therapist/Life Coach and Owner of Dreams Are a Reality


I became a life coach to assist and help my clients maneuver through life. I have had my share of tragedies, challenges and major hurdles to climb.  I am no stranger to losing loved ones, I have beat cancer twice and I have survived failed relationships among other situations.  The tools I used to get through some hard times are the same tools I give to my clients.  All of us have a story to tell. We just need someone to hear us out.

As a graduate of Dominican University with my MSW and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from Concordia University.    With this educational background, I am able to help you sort through the piles of your life.  Under each pile is a diamond waiting to be buffed out. It is a priceless feeling to have a client come to me and tell me his or her gifts and talents.  Many of us are working a 9 to 5 job but we are not using our true gifts.  Once you began to tap into your passion, you will began to feel empowered, free and lighter.

I have a specialized training in the body and how to maintain your health.  I am a certified personal trainer.  In addition to the personalized training, I have studied human behavior and social work.  I am currently obtaining my Master’s degree in social work from Dominican University.  I have a niche for working with women as well as cancer survivors.  

My approach is authentic, caring and emphatic.  We all need to be heard out.  We all matter and we all are on this earth for a purpose.  With faith, hard work and perseverance, you will began to see your life change.  Let’s take this walk together and walk into a new life for you.

***Now with a Group Practice and Accepting Insurance***

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